Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Links from today's blogging conference.
apparently nothing - nice photos.

Bag and Baggage - blogging the web conference.

Heath - doing the same.

Cheesecake Recipes and conference blogging - fun!

Doc Searls - live from Jupiter.

flashgoirl - I remind her of some handsome guy. :-)

Dave's Keynote Rocked - I'm going to go to one of his Thursday meetings.
Dave, after looking at my badge, said "I've seen that"! - Cool.

Jason, after looking at my badge, said "That used to be on blogspot"! - It still is, I just used because it fit on the badge easier than

technorati - new blog search tool.

joi.ito - links to everyone blogging the conference.


Anil Dash.

Interland - inexpensive web hosting. - #1 for weblog marketing on Google! I'm his VIP!

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