Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Lukas Karlsson has his TiVo Wired!
One of the great things about Tivo is that it runs Linux. That makes it very easy for people to do neat things with the Tivo that you'd never consider doing with any other home entertainment equipment. For example, you can see what show is playing on my Tivo right this moment, even when I'm not in front of the TV.
You can even see what programs he has on his Now Showing List, Season Pass List and Todo List!

And to think that some people are upset about their TiVo preferences being made public. Not this guy.

I'm waiting for the day when we can see a list of what everybody is recording on their TiVo's. That'll show the networks what type of shows we want to watch.

We want to watch shows like this:
Home Movies (73, TOON)
The Simpsons (13, WFXT)
Futurama (13, WFXT)
Family Guy (13, WFXT)
That '70s Show (13, WFXT)
Enterprise (14, WSBK)
Saturday Night Live (7, WHDH)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (301, HBO)
Da Ali G Show (301, HBO)
Dennis Miller Live (301, HBO)
Mr. Show With Bob and David (301, HBO)
Sex and the City (301, HBO)
The Larry Sanders Show (302, HBO2)
The Sopranos (301, HBO)
Tracey Takes On ... (301, HBO)
Real Sex (306, HBOZ)
Penn & Teller: Bulls...! (361, SHOW)
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (215, COMEDY)
Fawlty Towers (241, BBCA)
Monty Python's Flying Circus (241, BBCA)
Red Dwarf (241, BBCA)
The Office (241, BBCA)
Modern Marvels (202, HISTORY)
Late Night With Conan O'Brien (215, COMEDY)
Futurama (73, TOON)
Late Show With David Letterman (4, WBZ)
The Tom Green Show (28, MTV)
Seinfeld (13, WFXT)
That '70s Show (14, WSBK)
The Simpsons (18, WNDS)
Kids in the Hall (215, COMEDY)
Even better, I'm looking forward to the day when I can watch Lukas' recorded TV shows on my Mac over the Internet!

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