Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Weblog Business Strategies 2003 XVII: Christopher Lydon.
I've been in media too damn long. I served for 10 years at the New York Times. This moment, the downfall of Howard Raines and Gerald Boyd is one of the tipping points of my life. Broadly, it's part of the failure of legitimacy and authority in this country. I don't worship the New York Times, but it is the best newspaper in this country. I think it's in total jeopardy. Like a lot of these defining moments and great events, we have no idea what the consequences will be, but it tells us where we've been. The collapse of the New York Times thing is the result of 15 years of electronic media gathering steam. If you were a martian coming to the United States and someone said have you got a problem in your media today, I would say hell yes!
Please read the whole transcript of Christopher's talk and you'll get a feel for how amazing this blogging conference was and how cool Christopher Lydon is.

His ideas on a new kind of participatory radio program are exciting.

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