Saturday, August 07, 2004


Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Forget the bloggers, it's the vloggers showing the way on the internet.

An excerpt:
"Steve Garfield, a video producer from Boston, Massachusetts, has no problems with the medium. He uses his website to be a 'citizen journalist', which he describes as 'anyone who decides to tell a story and share it'.

Mr Garfield posts about two vlogs a week, on everything from beer and local human interest stories to an off-beat daily report from the recent Democratic convention. There are still only a few hundred
vlogging sites on the web - compared with literally thousands of blogging sites - but Mr Garfield predicts that more internet users will get involved in vlogging once the technological barriers come down.

'As tools come out that make it easier, more people will start creating video blogs,' he says. 'The barriers to entry now are the number of steps it takes to get a video published on the web. You've got to shoot the video, digitise it, edit it, compress it for web delivery, upload it to a host and post it to your blog.'"

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