Sunday, August 29, 2004

Comcast to market new video recorder

Today's Globe has this article, Comcast to market new video recorder.

In in, there are a couple of misleading statements:
Comcast will charge $9.95 a month for the system with no upfront installation charge, a steep discount from TiVo, which charges at least $99 for a stand-alone recorder plus $12.95 for monthly service.
Actually, you can get a TiVo Lifetime subscription which costs $299. So after 30 months, TiVo is a better deal.

And then there's this:
Besides requiring a separate box in addition to the cable or satellite box, TiVo devices have to be plugged in to a phone jack to get updated programming schedules.
Nope. You don't need a phone jack, you can just hook up to your home network.

Mark Frauenfelder hates the Explorer 8000 digital video recorder.

Comcast DVR (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000) review.

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