Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Banana seats still rule.

My favorite bike as a kid is back, the Stingray.

Mine had a really high Sissy Bar on the back. That was so cool. Why it was cool and had a name like that, I don't know.

We used to play bicycle tag in our neighborhood. We'd ride and ride and ride until the streetlights came on. Then we had to go home for dinner.

We took our bikes everywhere. We'd go for long trips in to the woods. One time we went to Dungeon Rock to try to find the rumored pirate treasure that was supposed to be burried there. We had our littlest kid, Bobby Murray, crawl into the hole and try to get down as far as he could. No treasure was found.

One day while playing in the woods we found a cash register! Whoa! No cash though. We went home and told our parents and the police came. Exciting times.

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