Friday, March 28, 2008

1-800-Flowers is dumbfounded by the internet

I called 1-800-Flowers to get the email address on my account changed. There's no way to do it online.

The customer service rep told me that she changed it for me and then said:
"I'm dumbfounded by the internet."
So that tiggered me to send in an email asking if my email address had really been changed. This is the reply I got back from 1-800-Flowers:
We wish to inform you that we have changed your e-mail address for our promotional newsletters. In order, to change the e-mail address for your account, you have to create a new account with us with your new e-mail address.

1-800-Flowers is dumbfounded by the internet.

I replied asking them to remove my name from their promotional newsletters and to cancel my account.


  1. excellent quote! I this image works well with it.

  2. It's a good thing that you cancelled "flowers"

    I have read some pretty bad things about their company.

    One of my blogging friends had some nightmare experiences with them.

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