Friday, October 03, 2008

Jamaica Pond Nokia N96 Photo Walk

I just got the new Nokia N96, from the Nokia Bloggers Program, for evaluation.

First test, photos.

This camera is a lot faster at taking a photo than the earlier N95. It also gets ready to take the next picture a lot quicker. The on camera display screen is really big and bright.

I'll be arrying this camera around for some more photo testing.


  1. How does one apply to the Nokia Blogger Program? I suppose we have to have a little more online multimedia credentials... kind of like you ;)

    Can I ask how much you spend on your AT&T service? You (appear) to do a lot of data transfer via your cell phone, so you must have an unlimited data plan. Will AT&T lock you down if you use some high amount of data transfer, like Comcast has recently added to their home internet service?

    I'm becoming convinced that data cost is what is keeping more of us from mobile blogging...

  2. I work with two Nokia Blogger Relations program companies:

    I also have an eval AT&T cell service plan. They have an unlimited data plan, which as far as I know isn't capped.