Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain on CNN

McCain on CNN: "I'm happy where we are. We've got him just where we want him. I'm happy where we are."

McCain on CNN: Lying about William Ayers "Unrepentant terrorist." Wrong.

McCain on CNN on terrorist and traitor comments at McCain rallys: "I've heard the same thing at Obama rally's said about me." LIE. LIAR!

Interviewer on CNN: "Are you feeling well?" McCain: "Thank you for having me on." What?


  1. Would like to see where Ayers has apologized for what he has done. He has not. That equals "unrepentant". The bombing part makes him a terrorist. Can you provide the links to the last two statements? I would have thought you of all people would provide them Steve.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    I was typing those in live into twitter while watching CNN. At that time they were not online anywhere.

    Then I copied them over here to save them since twitter archives don't seem to live forever.

    Obama knew Ayers when he was a Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education.

    Over here, Leave William Ayers alone, you can read about Ayers saying he feels he didn't do enough to stop the war but does not say he wanted to use more bombs.

    Ayers says, ""The reason we weren't terrorists is because we did not commit random acts of terror against people. Terrorism was what was being practiced in the countryside of Vietnam by the United States.""

  3. I'm just presenting the facts. As far as I'm concerned bombing is not acceptable. But Obama does not pal around with terrorists and to characterize Obama as a terrorist is wrong.

    I just have one more word, Sarah Palin.