Monday, October 27, 2008

What is my Massachusetts Ballot going to look like on Election Day?

One of my complaints about voting is that you arrive at the polling place on election day and are surprised by what's on the ballot.

I've had a heck of a time getting a copy of the ballot in Boston, Massachusetts.

I just got a response to an email request and flowed a few links to get the information.

Head over to Elections: Voting ballot information

Enter your address, and click "Find My Election Information"

The resulting page will display what hte contents of your election ballot will look like.

Here are the candidates that will show up on my ballot:

My comments:

Baldwin and Castle sounds like a nice place to stop in for a beer.

Barr and Root sounds like something you'd get with ice cream at a soda shop.

McCain and Palin sounds eratic and mavericky.

McKinney and Clemente sounds unfamiliar.

Nader and Gonzalez. Check out Nader on the issues.

Obama and Biden give me hope and sound transformational.

The only contested races on my ballot are President and Vice President, Senator, and Senator in General Court.

In those races I'll be voting for:




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