Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kodak Zi6 Review

Watch at YouTube in High Quality.

The Kodak Zi6 is a nice little HD camera. Records 720p video at 60 and 30 frames per second along with VGA.

I think the HD quality is very good for an under $200 camera. It has a fixed focus starting at 27.6" so if you are used to recording video of yourself at arms' length, you've got to have a long arm... :-)

Here's a video I shot outside:

When you plug the Zi6's USB interface into a Mac, iPhoto recognizes the camera and imports the video into iPhoto. I can't figure out how to get the movie into iMovie directly. I needed to drag the movie out of iPhoto and onto my desktop, then import into iMovie.

The .mov file created by the camera is also not recognized by my version of FCP 5.1.4.


  1. with imovie, not sure if this is what you wanted to do, but... you can go to the event library, click on the iPhoto videos, and access iphoto videos directly via imovie that way...

  2. Steve, if I remember correctly, iMovie doesn't recognize USB video connections, only firewire. I think it was a speed issue with firewire being faster for rendering/capturing. There is a work around, and I think I even have the software loaded somewhere on my iBook. If you need me to remember for sure, just let me know and I'll take a look at what buried in my apps.