Friday, October 24, 2008

New Media Tools for Journalism: Community And Conversation

Looking at places on the web to find and engage in conversation.
Slide 1: Community and Conversation Steve Garfield, New Media Tools for Journalism


Slide 2: Let WBZ know about your blog at

Slide 9: Your Vote Can you bring video camera's into Massachusetts polling places?
Yes. Stay behind the guard rail. No Audio of Names. No Marking Ballots. Do not interfere or disrupt.
Slide 10: Saving a podcast Hosting - Libsyn -

Slide 12: Business Social Network
“Build your Business Social Network NOW. Along the way Find your Life's Passion. And then Give yourself a Job.”
-- Jeff Pulver

Slide 14: Meetups
“If you don’t go out, nothing happens.”

What's happening in your area:

Slide 16: Social Media In 3 Steps Dave Peck

Slide 22: Be Authentic Gary Vaynerchuk

Slide 23: Election 2008

Slide 24: Twitter Search

Slide 26: Conversation Seesmic

Presentated at Boston University College of Communication School of Journalism on 10/23/08.

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