Friday, October 03, 2008

What the meltdown looks like

From KCET via


  1. That was just heartbreaking to watch. We had to walk away from this house when we moved to NY. My family tells me it's still vacant (after nearly two years). Pretty much all of the plants -- including my 31 rose bushes -- are dead.

  2. Yes, this was really heartbreaking to watch. I am a residence of California and it is happening within my neighborhood also. For the moment, my family is doing well but that could change at any time because we live from day to day. Times are hard and this bailout package is a total ripoff in my opinion.

  3. and yet there is a simple and effective solution. Live with the fact that the property value was never what the bank said it was. Take the loss. And demand that the banks begin to accept lower payments. Remember not so long ago the Republicans promised they were going to take us back to the good ol days. You didn't actually think it was getting women back into the house or bringing back doo whop did you? It was economic. Welcome to the new shiny vision.