Monday, March 02, 2009

Looking for a stainless refrigerator bottom freezer, counter depth

Looking for a stainless refrigerator bottom freezer, counter depth. 70" X 32" X 25" ( H x W x D ) or less. The web is not making this easy. The counter is 25" deep.

Our current refrigerator is 28" deep, 30" with door handle, so we'd consider this depth too.

I'd like a bottom freezer swing out door with shelves, instead of a drawer with pull out baskets.

The majority of time we use the refrigerator section, so the freezer on the bottom is better.

I don't want French doors either. Sorry @loic and @vinvin. I did buy a 2005 Burgundy yesterday!

Please leave a comment if you can suggest one.



  1. That's definitely a nice fridge!

  2. Home Depot is having a 10% off on all GE appliances until March 4th. We just ordered a new fridge from them as a result. Out needs were different from yours, but it may be worth checking out GE fridges at Home Depot.

  3. Hey Steve,

    That looks like a fischer & Paykel fridge in the pic. They are a very good manufacturer from New Zealand and you can pick them up at Lowes. The width is the only size you need to be concerned with now. YOu didn't post that so I can't comment from there. Here is their site:

    Wouldn't it be easier to shop online for appliances if someone made a huge database of features and dimensions.

    Hmmmmm back to work!