Thursday, March 05, 2009

Get Off the Bus: The future of pro-am journalism by Amanda Michel

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Get Off the Bus:
"The integration of strands of the pro-am strategy into the journalism mainstream will be bumpy. It will require, among other things, a shift in journalism’s traditional ethical matrix. Transparency and disclosure, rather than neutrality—often tainted if not patently false—must become critical fourth-estate virtues. The pros must commit to figuring out how to harness, cooperate with, and assimilate citizen journalists into the future of their craft. In other words, more professional journalists should take their offline skills—such as interviewing sources—online, and learn to build and manage networks of sources to produce accurate information."
ProPublica Adds Amanda Michel to Its Newsroom
ProPublica today announced that former HuffPost’s OffTheBus Director Amanda Michel will join its investigative newsroom. Michel will become ProPublica’s Editor of Distributed Reporting.
Congratulations Amanda!

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