Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Do You Know About Online Video?

Chris Pirillo breaks the news on his blog that I'm writing a book about online video for Wiley. I just got the signed contract back this week.

Chris says:
"I’ve been doing this live video thing for just about two years now. I wanted to talk about online video today in order to answer a few questions Steve Garfield had for me. He’s working on a new book, which should be a great read!"
Thanks Chris.

Great video. Pancake!

If you go watch Chris' video. Make a comment and tell him Steve Garfield sent you. ;-)


  1. how very lovely and awesome!!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous4:28 AM

    You know before I watched the video I thought "Pancake" was just a pet name you had given Chris Pirillo. LOL