Monday, March 02, 2009

Reporting snow depth on NECN Live using a cellphone via Qik via Mogulus

Here's a recording of going live on NECN via Qik via Mogulus.

This is a recording of Ted McEnroe of NECN tossing to me Live in Boston on my Nokia N95 via Qik via Mogulus for a report on snowfall accumulations. This was broadcast live on cable TV.

I had my yardstick ready.

It all worked. You could even hear my audio.

Here's the Qik version.

Watch the behind the scenes.

This is very cool. You can see me getting ready to go live on New England Cable News via Qik via Mogulus. Watch the recording of what went on TV. Thanks to Carol for being my camera person and director. Excellent job.

As you can see in the video, the delay wasn't five minutes like I said, but it turned out to be a very slight delay.

Qik version

I'm very excited to show that we have the technology in place for citizen reporters to do live shots via the web to TV. It's only going to get better.


  1. So awesome! I <3 Steve's broadcasts!

  2. It was fun for us, too... we will find ways to make this work even better next time. I have some ideas - and next time we'll figure out what kept Jeff Cutler from joining us in Hingham, too!

  3. NewTeeVee now has the story:

    TV News Uses Live-Streamed Citizen Mobile Video; Steve Garfield showed how deep the snow was in his area with a yardstick and Nokia N95 via Qik via Mogulus. (

  4. Ted McEnroe writes about it on his blog:

    "Video blogger and all-around good person Steve Garfield and I were able to set up a livestream from his cellphone of Steve going outside and measuring the snow depth in his Boston neighborhood. Using a decidedly low-tech ruler to check the depth, he took his measurement while the crowd watching the Mogulus stream saw him full-frame, and the crowd watching NECN saw it in an embedded window on a web browser on TV. (Next time, I will remember to take him fullscreen.) it was quick, it was kind of fun, and it seemed to make a splash, getting noted in a few places - thanks to Steve, not me, I should point out."

    "And the technical breakthrough with Steve Garfield live? That took a little more technical know-how, but we weren’t reinventing the television station. In fact, our biggest limitation may have been the bandwidth needed to get the streams in and out of NECN and Mogulus. We barely scratched the surface, and I look forward to trying it again. In a day and age when television stations are beginning to use Skype for broadcast live shots, and $200 cameras can shoot HD-quality video, our biggest obstacles are often our own creative limitations."