Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comcast DCH3416 IR CABLE

I'm not sure why I had an IR Cable Extender in the house, but I figured that it might help me control my Comcast DCH3416 HD Box.

The box is on a shelf down by hte floor, so to control it you have to point the remote down at the floor instead of at the tv.

I plugged one end of the IR Extender cable into the 'Serial - Service only' post, and then stuck the receiver on to the bottom right hand side of hte tv.

It worked as an IR extender.

Now I can point the remote at the TV.

Here's and IR extender on

Infrared Receiver Extender Cable for HD DVR STB's


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Do you have any idea what the brand of IR extender you used was? The product description in the link you provided to Amazon specifically says it wont work with Motorola DCH series STBs. I would love to be able to use an IR extneder with my Comcast DCH316 but haven't been able to find a compatible one.

  2. I don't. That one looked like the one I used.

    1. Anonymous12:34 AM


      I have the same question as the above commenter. I need to get an extender for my mother's DCH316 and would love to know exactly which one worked for you. Thanks.

  3. Sorry to report but the linked extender did not work with my receiver - I put the receiver on the opposite side of the wall after cutting holes in the drywall, connected everything up and no action :( I could not get the DCH316 to respond. I'm now looking for alternatives and may report back if I find success...