Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An Exceptional Comcast Support Story

I'm extrermely happy with the support I recevied from Comcast when I decided to upgrade my cable modem.

Here's the story:

The Comcast plan I'm currently on is the Performance PLUS plan:
Downloads up to 16Mbps, uploads up to 2Mbps with PowerBoost®.
I heard on twitter that I should upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem to get faster speeds.

I asked if this new modem was available in my area.

I got a tweet from Comcast.

We exchanged tweets.

They were sending me a new modem overnight.

ComcastBill told me to contact him when I got it.

This morning, first thing, the modem arrived. Wow! That was fast.

Then I asked on twitter if I should ignore all the setup instructions and disks that came in the Comcast packaging.

Then twitter had capacity issues. No tweets.
Fail Whale: Twitter Over Capacity
Twitter Fail Whale

Then ComcastBill called on my cell phone.

That's customer service. Impressive.

He knew twitter was down and wanted to make sure I was helped.

So I swapped up my old Motorola SurfBoard modem and replaced it with the new Cisco DPC3000 which supports DOCSIS 3.0. No software loading was required.

Cisco DPC3000
Cisco DPC3000 Cable Modem

After ComcastBill remotely reset my modem, I was online directly connected to the modem.

Then I connected my Linksys router, and it wasn't recognised. ComcastBill stayed with me on the phone while I reset the router. Now I'm online.

Here are my new speeds:

Compare that to my old speeds:

Next up: Getting a Wireless-N Router.

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