Friday, June 04, 2010

Manchester United sells more jerseys than ALL NFL teams combined

Manchester United sells more jerseys than ALL NFL teams combined #BMAEngageThu Jun 03 17:54:36 via txt

Manchester United Official USA Store:

Can't see why anyone would buy these shirts in the USA.

AIG - Wikipedia:
AIG suffered from a liquidity crisis when its credit ratings were downgraded below "AA" levels in September 2008. The United States Federal Reserve Bank on September 16, 2008, created an $85 billion credit facility to enable the company to meet increased collateral obligations consequent to the credit rating downgrade, in exchange for the issuance of a stock warrant to the Federal Reserve Bank for 79.9% of the equity of AIG. The Federal Reserve Bank and the United States Treasury by May 2009 had increased the potential financial support to AIG, with the support of an investment of as much as $70 billion, a $60 billion credit line and $52.5 billion to buy mortgage-based assets owned or guaranteed by AIG, increasing the total amount available to as much as $182.5 billion.[3][4] AIG subsequently sold a number of its subsidiaries and other assets to pay down loans received, and continues to seek buyers of its assets. NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has stated he wants to disclose names of those receiving bonuses.[5]

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