Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop & Shop: That's Not Right

I don't usually shop at Stop & Shop, but went in to the Swampscott store yesterday to do some shopping. I noticed a few things that weren't right.

Not Duracell: Smart Living
Image: Smart Living batteries in Duracell product displays

Stop & Shop put Smart Living batteries in Duracell product displays. I can't find any connection between Smart Living and Duracell.

That's not right.

Save 30 cents - NOT Really
Image: Save 30 cents

Under many products in the store there are tags similar to this one that says: Save 30 cents!

My wife asked me, "Is that on sale?"

I replied, "Yes. Save 30 cents."

She came over to take a look and told me to look more closely. It isn't on sale. The only way it's a savings of 30 cents is if you normally shop at Shaws and decided to shop at Stop & Shop that day.

That's not right.

Save $10 - NOT Really
Image: Save $10

Each $50 VISA certificate has a '$5 and change fee.' $3.95 fee when you buy the certificate with a VISA card.

My mom called Stop & Shop corporate headquarters about this and got updated dollar amounts.

You really don't SAVE $10 off your next shopping order when you roll in the cost of buying the VISA card.

In the end, you pay more.

That's not right.

BTW, Stop & Shop store gift certificates have NO service charge.

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  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I love this! We need more That's Not Right!!