Friday, July 02, 2010

Comcast ON DEMAND vs. Netflix

I just got an email from Comcast, Fancast Xfinity tv, showing me what's available.

Fancast Xfinity tv Movies 2009-2010 HD

Nice selection, BUT, Comcast won't allow me to view ON DEMAND via my TiVo.

I was enjoying Comcast ON DEMAND, but then I started downloading movies from to my TiVo. That worked great.

Then came Netflix.

So addictive.

Here's some New Releases on Netflix:

Netflix New Releases

When I return a DVD, Netflix receives it hte next day and mails me the next movie in my queue. I get that movie the day after. And I can get as many movies as I want without having to pay for each one. Sweet.

Then there's Netflix movies that you can watch instantly. Check some of them out:

Netflix New Movies to Watch Instantly

This is a beautiful page. Much nicer than the Comcast display.

I can watch these movies instantly via my TiVo, Wii, or iPad. Great choices.

The whole Netflix user experience is a pleasure AND fun.

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