Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fast Company Influence Project

The Fast Company Influence Project is lame because it's not measuring influence, but is an artificial popularity contest.

But, wait a minute, I'm in the 99th percentile.

Hmm, let me rethink this. ;-)

Only kidding.

Click the Fast Company Influence Project link and the scale of my influence, and therefore the size of my photo, gets bigger.

Bill Cammack: Thoughts about the “Fast Company Influence Project”
I can’t tell you anything about the actual Fast Company Influence Project because I never clicked on it. I never came close to clicking on it, which is where I feel we will discover some of the myriad lessons to be learned from this situation.

Becky McCray: Old Spice vs Fast Company
Fast Company is a well known forward-thinking business magazine. Conventional wisdom says they should have succeeded in a social campaign. P&G is the corporate behemoth behind the brand Old Spice. They should have had trouble with a social campaign. Turns out, that is exactly backwards.

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