Sunday, July 25, 2010

How To: Use FaceTime on the iPhone 4 for Video Calls

My friend Wayne Sutton was in town and we met up at HubSpot TV on Friday. It was the last episode of Hubspot TV from One Broadway. The next episode will be from the new HubSpot offices at 25 First Street, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA.

@karenrubin and @mvolpe Hubspot TV |  RentACrate Episode
@karenrubin and @mvolpe Hubspot TV | RentACrate Episode

After the show, I told Wayne that I hadn't used FaceTime on my new iPhone 4 yet.

He likes to grab screen shots of people when they make their first FaceTime call, so he called me.

No FaceTime.

Then he called again, no FaceTime.

Then he asked if I had turned on FaceTime in the Settings. Turn on FaceTime? No, I hadn't.

So that's the first step, Turn on FaceTime in Settings:

First Time with FaceTime: iPhone/Settings/FaceTime ON
FaceTime Settings ON

Step 2, make sure you also have WiFi enabled.

FaceTime only works over WiFi at this time.

Step 3, click the FaceTime button in the Contact Info of the person you'd like to call, or if someone is calling you, click accept to start the FaceTime call.

First Time with FaceTime: Wayne Sutton would like FaceTime
FaceTime Decline/Accept Screen

Dial 1-888-FACETIME and an Apple employee will be there to show you the basics and a few advanced tips. The line is open from 8AM to 8PM CDT.

Here's a screen shot of me talking with Wayne:

First Time with FaceTime with Wayne Sutton
FaceTime Call Screenshot.

You can drag the image window of yourself around the screen to reposition it.

Here's a screen shot of me talking with Wayne and we are both using our front facing cameras, pointing at each other in the same room:

First Time with FaceTime with Wayne Sutton
Using the Front Facing Cameras

I can't wait for this to be available on other platforms like Android.


FacePlant brings quick FaceTime chats and video voice mail to the iPhone 4

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  1. Thanks for the link and it was good to see/chat with you Steve.