Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hawaii Five-0 Promo Shoot for WBZ and CBS

These are some photos I took from a Boston Duck Tours Duck Boat while shooting a Hawaii Five-0 promo spot for WBZ TV and CBS.

We had a Duck Boat full of people singing the Hawaii Five-0 theme, with a trailing Duck Boat behind us to capture all the footage. It was a beautiful day for a free duck boat ride o nthe Charles River.

It was especially fun for me to be able to take some beautiful photos of Boston.

I grabbed some videos too:

Chase Boat

Boston Skyline from the Charles River

Ducks Meet Duck Boat - Two Way Traffic

Wikipedia: Hawaii Five-O

CBS explains why it's 'Hawaii Five-0" and not 'Hawaii-Five-O'

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  1. Apparently there is no more original thinking left in Hollywood that they have to resort to Reruns of Old T.V. shows?