Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watching Television: Doesn't add up

Seen in Boston Globe:
In Hub, TV fans having it their way

Source: International Communications Research

"Comcast Corp.’s “TV Pulse Survey’’ found that 70 percent of Boston viewers use time-shifting devices to watch primetime shows...

The report also found that 35 percent of Boston viewers plan to use a DVR to record TV series this fall, 23 percent plan to watch online or via video-on-demand service, and 1 percent will tune in through a mobile device. The majority of Hub watchers — 80 percent — said they use time-shifting technologies instead of watching television live because of their personal schedules."

How do these numbers add up?

73% + 35% + 23% + 23% + 1% = 155%


  1. They don't have to add up, because people do more than one thing over a period of time. If there were check boxes, and not radio buttons, on the survey, they could pick more than one.

    I deal with this in surveys all the time.

  2. Oh, I get it. Thanks. If I were taking the survey I'd check off Live, DVR, Online, and On Demand.

    Check boxes vs. Radio buttons. ;-)