Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facebook's Post Link, YouTube Embed, and Description Problems

The Facebook "Post Link" feature at the top of the page is problematic.

Half the time I click it, nothing happens and I need to click it again.

Then, if I post a link to a YouTube video, the thumbnail gives no indication that a YouTube video is going to be embeded in the tweet.

Step 1: Click Post Link

Step 2: Enter URL in entry box

URL in Box

Step 3: Click Attach

Thumbnail image displayed and descriptive text is added.

Note 1:
There is no PLAY BUTTON in the thumbnail signifying that it's a video. Looks like an image thumbnail at this point.

Note 2:
ALL the text is entered into the description field.

Sometimes HTML code ends up in that description box and you'll want to delete it.

Secret tip: Click the text with your mouse and you can edit that text.

Enter optional text in the "Say something about this link..." box.

Step 4: Click Share
Here's what it looks like after you click the Share button.

See the PLAY BUTTON in the thumbnail? Would be nice to see that in the preview.

Here's this item on Facebook.

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