Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Contact Cards from Kodak Gallery

Just got my free contact cards from Kodak Gallery.

The cards have contact info on the back with "Kodak Gallery Get your free contact cards at" on the bottom.

Nice quality.

Direct link to FREE Kodak Gallery Contact Cards.

Ignore the fact that they're called "Mommy Cards." ;-)


  1. I like these. Sadly Kodak is charging shipping. I still have my Google cards that Google sent free.

    Guess all things in the Interwebs aren't free.


  2. By the way. A lot of the links in your posts take readers away from the blog. Can you target="_blank" them please?

    I got taken away by Inbound Marketing Summit at the top and then by the Kodak card link.

    I only came back because I hadn't caught up on all your posts, but if I were just a casual reader, I'd be gone gone gone like Chilliwack.