Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All iPad Paid Apps Lost on Update. Not. #Fail

After my most recent iPad update I thought I lost all my paid apps.

I used the 'Transfer Purchases From iPad' menu option when iTunes told me to. I don't like it when the software is be so user friendly as to shield me from what is going on. I clicked the button, then I had to re-authorise my computer. Nothing seemed to happen, so I clicked to update anyway.

After the update was complete, I didn't notice that Apple iTunes had installed Game Center on screen 1:

Page 1 of iPad Apps

That pushed Mashable to screen 2.

Page 2 of iPad Apps

It looked like everything else was GONE!

But, all my apps were still on the iPad, on pages 3-7. LOL

Please don't Auto-Install your precious Game Center App to page 1.

Add it to the LAST page.


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