Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Blog is 10 Years Old Today! Happy Blog Birthday Blog.



Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my Blog.

Here's my first Blogger blog post from Thursday, November 09, 2000:
Today we had a really good meeting and lunch. The best part of the day was when our meeting went off on a tangent and we started discussing the current election. After lots of talk about Saturday Night Live and the Hamburger sketch (watch it in the screening room Season 3-5 3/18/78), we decided that this stuff had to be logged somewhere.
There a link to the archives on the right hand sidebar.

Prior to having a blog, using the Blogger platform, I hand coded a blog for the Karlson and McKenzie radio show back in 1997-1998.

Happy Birthday to My Blog. Happy Birthday to You.

Although I've made new friends with twitter and Facebook, I still like you.


  1. Happy birthday to your blog! 10 years old and growing like a weed. :)

  2. Right on! This made me look back on my first blog entry... January 5, 2000! Crazy, man.