Saturday, November 20, 2010

HOW TO FIX: Adobe Presenter 7 Installer: "Unable to detect Microsoft Powerpoint"

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I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Trial version.

I tried to install the Adobe Presenter 7 presenter.msi from the Adobe Connect Pro website.

I get the error:

"Unable to detect Microsoft Powerpoint"

Here's the fix from dawpa2005 on the Adobe Forums:
All you have to do is sniff the executable URI and copy it to a writable location.

If the installer still complains, using SuperOrca, drop LaunchConditions, CheckToSeeIfPPOpen, and NoUpgradeonVista under InstallUISequence.

C'mon, this is so easy. Any kindergartener can do this!
This worked great for me.

To review:

1. Get SuperOrca, Open presenter.msi

2. Click 'LaunchConditions' and select DROP

3. Under InstallUISequence, select CheckToSeeIfPPOpen and click DROP, then select NoUpgradeonVista and click DROP.

4. Save and Run presenter.msi.


  1. That's a cute little computer. What type is it? And are you drinking miller lite during a meeting??? ;)

  2. That's a Panasonic Laptop and an empty plastic cup!