Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Talks “Late Night”, Social Media and Steve Garfield [INTERVIEW]

Great interview with Jimmy Fallon in Mashable today, Jimmy Fallon Talks “Late Night” and Social Media [INTERVIEW]. Love this part where Jimmy talks about how I helped him out when her first started his video blog:
Q: With the spontaneity and the craziness of social media, has there been anything that’s been surprising?

Fallon: How helpful people can be, I think, and nice. It’s really awesome, I think it shows how good we can be … as a world, as a country. I mean, people are really thoughtful and nice if you just ask them. Like, I go to this guy, Steve Garfield, when we were doing our videos on our blog. I was like “Alright, welcome back, this is our third vlog and, you know I’m going to send another vlog.” And he sent in a thing and he goes, “Hey Jimmy, I just want to say you’re doing a great show, this is really cool what you’re doing, but uh, they’re not called ‘vlogs.’ You have a blog and what you’re doing is uploading videos to you blog, so hope that helps you.” And I was like, “How cool is this dude?” That really does help me. I did not know that that’s the terminology.
At the time, everyone on YouTube was saying that they were making a new vlog each time they put up a video. Since it was Jimmy's first video I wanted to tell him that he wasn't making a new vlog each night, he was putting a new video ON his vlog every night.

Thanks for the mention Jimmy.

Here's my first video blog post and some video from Jimmy's first week on the web:

Steve Garfield and Jimmy Fallon - First Video Blog Posts

Steve Garfield 1st Video Blog 1/1/04
Jimmy Fallon 1st Video Blog 12/8/08
Jimmy Fallon 2nd Video Blog 12/9/08
Jimmy Fallon comments on first video submissions

I got a chance to interview Jimmy at CES and we talked about how cool web video is in that it makes people feel like they know you.

Jimmy Fallon talks with Steve Garfield about his new show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, at CES.

I have interviews with Jimmy and Gavin Purcell in my book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business. Check it out:

Jimmy wrote the blurb for the back cover:

"Steve Garfield is hilariously awesome. He gave us timely advice when we started our videoblog, and now he's put that advice and more into this ridiculously thorough guide."
—JIMMY FALLON, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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