Monday, November 08, 2010

The ONE Story Baratunde Thurston is thinking about today: Conan O'Brien

The ONE on AOL. CLICK the image to see the video.

Smart move by AOL to have Next New Networks produce a daily show for the front page of

My friend Tim Shey, Co-founder of Next New Networks, sent me an email about it:
Today, we launched The ONE, a new daily series on AOL, as part of the innovative new relaunch of

With The ONE being presented on AOL's homepage to their audience of 15 million unique U.S. visitors daily, this may be the biggest placement for a daily news series to date, and all of us at Next New Networks are honored to be the first company to launch an original series like this with AOL.

The ONE is all about cutting through the thousands of stories presented to you daily -- on the web, on TV, in your friends' Facebook and Twitter feeds -- and giving you a great perspective on the one story that really matters. Today, November 8, we're talking about the Conan launch on TBS, and brought on comedian and author Baratunde Thurston, digital director for The Onion -- to talk about it. The series is directed and produced by Kathleen Grace, our head of production and creator of hit web series The Burg and The All-for-Nots, who co-created it with me.

New episodes will be live on at 1pm daily, Monday through Friday, and feature a roster of great contributors from around the web.
Focusing ONE video, on ONE topic, with ONE interesting contributor is a great idea.

This way someone might tune in to hear the contributor because they are a fan, or tune in to hear about the topic because they are following it online or want to hear more about it.

It's also short and doesn't require a large time commitment.

Good luck.

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