Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas in Jamaica Plain 2010

Note: Click where it says '360p' to change to HD '1080p' version.

Music: Christmas Time Again by Steven Battles.

Steven Battle's Adventuretones on MySpace Music.

Used with permission, Thanks Steven.

You can hear it in my simple song.
And I've been drinking it all night long.
It's seeping through my marrow,
and in cupid's funny arrow.
It's Christmas time again, it's Christmas time again.

So gather round the Christmas tree.
Come and have a drink with me.
We could have a redder wine.
Couldn't have a better time.
It's Christmas time again. It's Christmas time

I'll be home on Christmas Eve, and I'll be waiting, breath abated.
Hoping Santa brings a few toys because all year I've been a good boy.
Maybe New Year's I'll get kisses from a pretty, little Misses.
I've got hopes. Could be a good year. I'm just stoked that I could be here.
Cupcake Truck: The Cupcakory

City Feed and Supply

Jamaica Plain Farmer's Market

Stillman's Farm

Watch on YouTube.

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