Thursday, December 02, 2010

Top Chef All-Stars: Anthony Bourdain Needs to Apologize to Colonoscopies

In the first episode of this season's Top Chef All-Stars, jusdge Chef Anthony Bourdain says the following when judging a dish:
“As I’m eating it, my mind is drifting back fondly to my last colonoscopy. It was that bad.”

Video Courtesy Top Chef: All-Stars Bravo TV

I was shocked when I heard this.


Cancer screening is not something to joke about. Especially colonoscopies, which have a bad rap as something painful, which leads to many not getting this important procedure.

Anthony Bourdain needs to apologize to colonoscopies.

On his blog he blames gin and apologizes to Fabio, Sorta:
I feel bad about beating up on Fabio. Maybe I'm losing my edge. Maybe I should leave the bloodletting to my sinister French colleague, Eric Ripert. Or that English guy ... what was his name? Maybe I should confine myself to constructive criticism. To a kinder, gentler, more mentor-like approach. Wear a big fluffy f---ing sweater to Judges' Table, speak in quiet, melifluous Garrison Keilloresque tones. Maybe lay off the gin.

Or not.
He makes no mention of the colonoscopy remark.

More info:

WebMD: Colonoscopy overview including how a colonoscopy is done and how to prepare for your colonoscopy

Livestrong: Colonoscopy

Katie Couric colon cancer screening on national TV saved lives by getting people to take a colonoscopy screening:
Katie saved many lives by showing viewers how the procedure worked, and that it was easy and painless. People often imagine the worst. They talk themselves out of having their colonoscopies. Katie took some of the fear away by taking the mystery out of the test.

Stand Up To Cancer

Update 12/3/10:

This is cool. My tweet, of this post, is now highlighted on the Huffington Post page for the premiere episode of Top Chef All-Stars.

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