Monday, July 11, 2011

SHARE: Type or select a circle or person. Where's PUBLIC?

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  1. (Reposted from Google+ for netizens not yet aboard the Plussphere)

    It's because _me, poor me_ decided to share it to my "English-speaking" circle first.

    If you want to reshare a post that was initially limited to a certain circle, however big, you can't reshare it publicly. It makes sense for keeping things under a certain control if the original poster did not want this to go into "Public"...

    Although in this case it was not my intention to blck from resharing, just to filter an English joke from people in my circles to whom it would not have made sense. A completely unintentional side-effect of sharing by language, and I should have thought of it beforehand: thank you for bringing it to my attention!