Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beyonce was Stuttering but Comcast Fixed It

I was watching a clip of Beyonce from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, but the clip wasn't playing smoothly. The video was stuttering badly.

Better than the telephone: Twitter
So I went on twitter and sent a tweet to @comcastcares.

They sent someone out today.

Comcast: We Have A Problem
The technician said that my highs were too high an my lows were too low, or something like that. I also had a bird's nest in my cable junction box.

Birds Nest in Cable Box
Image: Birds Nest in Cable Box

Dirty Jobs
It was a dirty messy job to open up that box and remove the nest.

Next up, an examination of the cables showed the Squirrels were eating into them, damaging the cables and letting water get in. All bad.

The cables to the house were replaced with heavy duty cables. The junction box was also replaced, moving it to ground level, with a lock that will keep the birds out.

Everything seems to be moving along at a better rate now.

Thanks Comcast.

Test via Router

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