Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How To Install Facebook Video Calling / Video Chat

This was fun. Facebook 'Video Calling' brings people together.

I just installed Facebook video chat after finding the directions over on Engadget.

Go to the Facebook Video Calling Getting Started Page.

Facebook Video Calling - Get Started
Image: Facebook Video Calling - Get Started


To set up video calling on Facebook
Image: To set up video calling on Facebook

Click SAVE when prompted to save the Video Calling Plug-in.

The video calling plug-in is downloaded.

Step 4
You then open the downloaded file to install it.

This takes a few moments.

RUN the saved file.

Facebook Video Calling - Install
Image: Facebook Video Calling - Install Progress Indicator

Once installed, the CALL button with an image of a video camera shows up on friends pages who have installed the Video Calling App.

Facebook Video Calling Button Shows Up On Profiles

Once installed, there will be less of a barrier for Facebook users to make video calls.

It'll be interesting to see the adoption.


The Facebook Blog: Call Your Friends Right From Facebook

CIO: Facebook Video Calling: How to Get Started and Adjust Privacy Settings

Update II:
When on a call, if you have multiple cameras attached to your computer, you can switch between cameras using the camera dropdown menu at the bottom of the video chat window.

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  1. Anonymous5:37 AM

    I think google plus will take the lead because acordin to this site clavier , 7 million american desactivated their fb account I wonder how will they response to that :) .
    P.S the original clavier article is in arabic for a tranlated copy use google translate plz