Thursday, August 09, 2001

It took a while, but I found the 2001-2002 Fall Primetime Schedule in grid format.

I always love to read the new Fall TV schedule when it comes out. I usually have a pretty good eye for finding the shows that will make it.

Here are some of the shows I'll be taking a look at:

Sundays are for Futurama and The Simpsons. I don't know what Alias is, but if it's anything like Alias Smith and Jones, I'll be watching.

Monday I'll be watching Boston Public at 8:00 with renewed interest because Jerri Ryan is joining the cast. 9:00 Ally McBeal. 10:00 Crossing Jordan. It takes place in Boston and has Ken Howard from The White Shadow in it. What's not to like? Ha, Ha.

Tuesday at 9:00 will be tough unless you have a VCR. Bob Patterson starring George from Seinfeld is up against Smallville, the Superboy series. Scrubs comes in at 9:30, which looks like a slapstick ER. I guess I'll watch Smallville live and tape the two others. Also at 9:00 is 24, which I don't think is a look at Store 24 surveilance tapes, so maybe I'll look at it during commercials. 10:00 Philly with Kim Delaney is up against Judging Amy, which I never watched anyways. Easy choice - Go Philly!

Wednesday at 8:00. What have they done! Ed is scheduled against Enterprise. Scott Bakula is going to be awesome as the Captain of the new Enterprise, but I'm already hooked on Ed. VCR comes into play again for Ed, or should I say record. 9:00 West Wing, I guess I'm getting hooked on this one (9:30 VCR for The Job, Lenny Clarke is the best.), 10:00 I'll give Wolf Lake a try.

Thursday. This looks like a big night. This kind of night makes me wish they could split Thursday into two nights. OK, so I'll be watching Survivor 3, Tempation Island 2, and ER live. I'll have to tape Popstars 2, so much better than Making the Band, and Inside Schwartz, the previews look funny, I hope the show is as funny.

Friday and Saturday look pretty pathetic. Maybe there's something on cable.

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