Tuesday, August 28, 2001

The Sports Club/LA in Boston is a 100,000 square foot luxury sports and fitness complex designed to fulfill your every fitness need.
Last night we went to the grand opening of the Sports Club/LA - Boston. Wow! What a place. It's located just across from the Boston Common. As we entered the club there were models in black dresses serving champagne. Nice touch. We took a tour through the club. The main exercise room has a beautiful view of Boston including the State House.

The tour included the woman's locker room. Guess what? They don't have ski lifts in there!

At the conclusion of the tour we ended up in the basketball court, which was transformed into a tropical island. They did a lot better dressing up the gym than my high school class did back in the day. And back in high school we certainly didn't have an open bar, chicken, salmon, etc...

Guys, this is the club to join if you want to meet some beautiful women. Of course you'll need to have gotten over your high school fear of asking girls out. Try just talking to them first. If that doesn't work, you still have the excersise equipment with personal cable TV.

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