Thursday, October 11, 2001

My mother-in-law told me that Attorney General Ashcroft told her to be on the lookout and to be aware when she goes outside. On her walk to church, she looked around the neighborhood and didn't see anything suspicious. Everything looks OK in here in Boston.

My mother goes to West Plam Beach in the Winter and is concerned that there might be terrorists down there.
Me: Ma, there aren't any terrorists down in West Palm Beach. What do you think, that they go to Publix?
Ma: Yes. They got to Wal-Mart don't they?
Me: Only in Maine.
I went to the Apple Store at the Northshore Mall yesterday. It moved into the space where the Warner Brothers store used to be. I used to sell Macintosh computers back in 1984 and was interested to see how Apple put their own company store together. It's nice. The store has section for people who are interested in photography, video and music. The computers are connected to digital and video cameras. There's also and area to check out the laptops and desktops. I was playing around on a laptop and was helped by a very nice saleperson. I really admired that guy. He did a nice job. He listened well and told me about the features of the Mac. I thanked him and then browsed the internet for a bit on their high speed connection.

Next stop was Home Depot to get some more insulation for the house. I'm insulating the crawlspace on our third floor. Whew! What a job. Yesterday I measured the opening, it was 19 inches, and bought some 23 inch insulation. When I got it home, I noticed that all my openings aren't 19 inches. Some are 17 inches and some are 15 inches. It all worked out though, because yesterday's roll filled up all my 19 inch openings. Today I'll finish up the rest.

There weren't any terrorists at the Apple Store or at Home Depot. I'll check my crawlspace today, and tonight I'll check the strip clubs... or maybe I'll just stay in and watch Survivor.

My early pick Jessie Camacho.

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