Thursday, March 27, 2003

Howard Dean at the JFK Library in Boston.
(08:50) Steve: i saw howard dean yesterday at JFK
(08:50) Steve: i was anticipating being excited by his oratory skills
(08:50) Steve: I was not
(08:50) Steve: too bad
(08:50) Dan: oh
(08:50) Dan: I like JFK
(08:50) Steve: seems like a nice guy though
(08:50) Steve: he tried
(08:50) Steve: but failed
(08:50) Steve: he's no JFK
(08:51) Dan: yah
(08:51) Steve: that was the place to invoke memories and stand out yet he was kinda dull
(08:52) Steve: one quote he said was , "I'm not afraid of taxes" OUCH
(08:52) Steve: that hurts

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