Monday, October 15, 2007

Steve Garfield: How It All Began

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Sunny Gault posts her interview with me about how I got started in videoblogging, and the early history of videoblogging. Thanks Sunny...

It's so great to have this, so people can hear the story of how I got started in video and blogging, way before videoblogging.

Now I'm going to have to get those old cable access Steve's Show videos posted to the web... Stay tuned.

via [ Viral: The Channel Blog ]

David Howell asked some questions about the interview so I posted some clarifications on the Videoblogging list.

Here they are:

On January 1, 2004 I decided to figure out how to put video on a blog and did it. I was unaware of anyone else having ever tried to do it. I'd never seen video on a blog. Adrian Miles was experimenting in 2000 and you'll see his entry on Wikipedia.

In the interview I am just talking about January 1, 2004 and earlier. Lots of people started videoblogs after that date and continue posting video to blogs.

I'm referring to the fact that I personally was able to get FCP, a Mac laptop and GL/2 prior to 1/1/04, and have the technology in house and available to produce video on a blog.

I also started a videopodcast blog to experiment in including video in RSS 2.0 with media enclosures for distribution. So that was in addition to the regular video blog I had.

A videoblog is video on a blog and a video podcast is video delivered over RSS 2.0 with media enclosures.

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