Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lara Logan Rocks!

"Have we lost our humanity?" asks Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, referring to our numbness to death in Iraq.

CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan says, "Yeah. We have."

Asked if she watched any of the nightly news programs in the United States replied:

"No. If I were to watch the news that you're hearing here in the United States, I'd just blow my brains out, because it would just drive me nuts."

via [ Chuck Olsen ]

Lara Logan on The Daily Show - Transcript and commentary by Lincoln Madison.

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  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Wrong. Lara Logan does not rock. Her tepid and facile criticism of her colleagues is a pathetic attempt at covering her own complicity in the criminal wars being waged by Washington for which she acts as a PR shill. Her crocodile tears over the deaths of US soldiers somehow don't spill over onto the half a million to one million Iraqis that have been slaughtered or the tens of thousands of Afghanis butchered (mostly civilians). She'd be advised to save some of her grief for them.