Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shipping it to Massachusetts Myself!

Buffalo's Shipping Post ships Napa Valley Wine.

I just learned that although Massachusetts makes it very difficult for wineries to ship to the state, you can ship wine to yourself.

So take that Massachusetts legislature, I'm shipping wine to Massachusetts!

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  1. You can even have them ship it to you. Places like Fitch Mountain will ship to you. Here's how it works: You buy from the winery's "Will call" window. Fitch then shows up, signs on your behalf, and ships to you. So long as someone over 21 is there to receive, you get your wine.

    It's more expensive than what's available for other states (figures), but you can in fact get around the Mass law.

    BTW, be sure to hit Smith Madrone while you're there. Let me know if they've bottled their Riesling yet.