Saturday, October 25, 2008

Staples: FREE 50 Business Cards

A Staples just opened up in Roslindale and sent out an ad saying "FREE 50 Business Cards" Come in October 25 to receive a voucher.

So I went in, and the voucher is for 50 FREE Color Business Cards SKU # 714854.

Valid 10/26-11/15/08.

Minimum purchase requirement of 50 business cards must be met....


That's not right.

Note: Video also on YouTube.

I got a response from a friend of mine that I emailed, who works for Staples:
I followed up on the business card issue you sent me. Thank you for sending it along, you've helped us become better. The issue had not made it back to the operational or marketing team involved with the specific promotion. This morning they were updated and are correcting the coupon text that caused the store confusion. The store was also contacted to address the issue and understand why the specifics had not made it back to the responsible teams. The 50 free business cards are still available and [REDACTED] at the copy center can help you.

Thanks again. Hope that helps and sorry we caused you the inconvience.


  1. I think it`s lucrative offer that should be availed....

  2. like the idea and the design..i wish to design my own business cards that look like that..thanks you share it with us.