Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Had a Flat Tire

Perkins St & Jamaicaway, Boston, MA 02130, United States

I had a flat tire.

There's a Gibbs Service Station on Centre Street in JP. The mechanic there, Charlie, is good at fixing tires.

I drove my car in, after inflating the tire.

Told him I had a leak.

He said, "I'll take a look at it right now."


That was somewhat of a "No Way!" moment because that never happens at service stations, but Charlie is always like that.

That's why I always bring my cars to him when they need tire work.

In the end the tire needed to be replaced.

I could have gone over to BJ's to get a discount, but I had Charlie order a tire and install it.

He even called me at home to apologize that it wouldn't be ready in the morning, but would be done in the afternoon because his suppliers didn't have it in stock.

Great service.

Thanks Charlie!


  1. I've never been to Gibbs for service. I am going to have to check that out. Great event last night!

  2. I always take my car to West Cork Auto for service.

  3. I hate road trips but I had to do one once and my tire blew out so for anyone who is going on a road trip soon here is a video that could help in case you have to change your tire

  4. Anonymous10:17 PM

    There's a tire safety product at that helps tires stay inflated.

    There's a video that shows the tire remaining round after running over spikes.

    Looks like you have a good vendor looking out for you.