Monday, July 30, 2012

Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform: First Look

Thanks guys!


  1. Oh, I love this kind of device! You must be very rich to have it first in your area. How I wish I could this gadget too.

  2. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Steve , looks like you have had the X1 for about 4 months now, do you like it, how is the HD signal say compared to DirecTV if you had them before? I am thinking of getting the X1 but wanted to hear from someone who has been using it for awhile. Is the menu fast, DVR work well, is the box quiet? Thank you.

    1. Great questions.

      Never had a DirectTV but have had TiVo boxes forever.

      HD signal is fine.

      The menu is fast.

      The DVR works great and also shows you percentage of space left.

      The box is relatively quiet. It's in my bedroom and is not a problem. The remote works through walls, so you could put the box in a closet if you want to.

      Changing channels is not instantaneous, it goes to the cloud for that, so you see the channel's logo while it changes, for a sec or two. Not an issue.

      I like that I can view and change the DVR via the web or iPhone app.

      The remote isn't as good as the TiVo. Lots of times I have to put on the light to see which button to hit next.

      Overall, I like it.

    2. Anonymous3:16 AM

      Thanks Steve, appreciate the response. My main concern is the HD quality, I have DirecTV now which feeds to a Sony 46" XBR5 LCD TV. Thanks again.

    3. Ahh. When I had a service call, technicians advised switching to 720p. If I remember correctly, they said the box worked better at that resolution.

  3. Anonymous7:09 PM

    What else did the installers do besides connect the new box and wait for the software to download? I heard from the rep at my local Comcast office that the box uses new signal/frequency and installers have to check out my house to see if would work.

    1. The installers spent some time testing the signal/frequency to see if my lines could handle the box. They replace some inside wires and connectors so that everything was new and securely fastened.

      I've had the new box for 6 months now and can say that it works great. All new features are going to come out on this box. Just got voice control via iPhone.

  4. Anonymous3:06 AM

    After 7 months with the X1 what are the positive and negatives? Does the X1 work in 1080P mode?

    1. The positives are the guide and the ease of finding shows in lots of different ways. The main negative is that the OK button on the remote is no where near the numbers.

      I just left it in 720p mode like the techs told me. It works in 1080p, but I don't run it that way and it's fine for me.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I just had the new X1 boxes installed. 2 regular and 1 DVR. Have had them for about a month. I do live in the Boston area as well. With all 3 have had the same ongoing issues. When the technician did the install, he said to never turn the boxes off, which is fine I guess, I think that is a major player in the main problem I am having though. All 3 at times become unresposive to the remote commands, where I do need to unplug them and wait the 5-7 minutes for them to reboot/download. It really is becoming an annoyance. As far as the capabilities and setup, I like where comcast is going, just do kinda wish I was told we were a test market for them.

  6. I JUST signed up at Steve's suggestion and they're coming out on Sunday morning to do the install. I'm excited about the four tuners, the Internet speed, the phone features and the Xfinity access at hotspots all over the place. I'm not sure we got enough channels, went with the lower end line-up, but we'll find that out soon.