Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Shipped Wine From Oregon to Massachusetts

I shipped wine from Oregon to Massachusetts, but I had to check it, on my plane flight, as luggage, to do it.

We need to allow direct shipment of wine to Massachusetts.

Free The Grapes: Massachusetts.

Here's my wine's trip:

We bought a wine shipping box at penner~Ash Winery, and packed our purchases.

Wine Shipping Container
First Layer of wine bottles

Wine Shipping Container
Filling the second layer

Wine Shipping Container
Top Layer

Wine Shipping Container
Closing up the box.

The Marriott Hotel was nice enough to provide us with a Sharpie and packing tape. (Not Pictured)

In Elevator


$2 tip, gets it shipped

On it's way

Waiting in baggage claim

More waiting.

More waiting.

This is why we never check luggage. We landed at 9:00 PM and our luggage, the wine, came out at 10:00 PM. There was lightning, so all activity was stopped at the airport.


Wine arrives.

All the bottles made it!

Pictured: Wine from Stoller and penner~Ash. Two great Oregon wineries to visit. ;-)

penner-Ash Wie Cellars
Image: penner-Ash Wine Cellars

Stoller Family Estate Winery
Image: Stoller Family Estate Winery


  1. I agree. I recently had Sip Certified who sponsored an episode of my cooking show want to send me a bottle of Chardonnay and they were shocked to learn they couldn't. I found a work around but it involved travelling to a relatives house. Well worth it. MA needs to loosen the strangle hold.