Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Behind the Unboxing Video Subculture featuring Cassidy Quinn Brettler and Steve Garfield

I am there on You are here.

WERS Interview Stil

Brendan Mattox of WERS interviewed me for this segment, of You are Here: Social Media - Unboxing, covering web video.

The unboxing video is almost as old as Youtube itself. A culture has emerged of uploading short, shaky videos of people cracking the seals on everything from iPhones to DVDs. At first, it was a tech-only phenomenon, but as it has become more popular, it has broken those boundaries. Savvy marketers have started taking advantage of it- and the people behind the camera. Reporter Brendan Mattox finds out what’s behind this strange subculture, and how it became important enough to be a legitimate marketing strategy.


"Culture has yet to elevate vlogging to high art, but Steve's tinkering reflects the narrative of creativity that encompasses people like Thomas Edison, Lou Reed, and Vincent van Gogh."

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